About Sepahan Dental Foundation Company

Sepahan Bonyan Dandan Company has started its activities since 2014 with the aim of introducing and presenting a collection of the best dental materials and equipment. This company, with several years of experience and skills and considering the needs of experienced professionals, tries to provide the highest quality and most efficient products to serve the dental community. Sepahan Bonyan Dandan Company, as a pioneering and forward-looking company in line with the goals of the health system and in order to improve the quality of treatment, by providing the latest technology and phenomena in the world and importing specialized dental equipment, has provided experts with access to this technology Sepahan Bonyan Dandan Company has played a significant role in recognizing and introducing products to customers by using the most experienced professors to hold scientific conferences and continuous presence in most domestic and international exhibitions. Due to the increasing necessity and importance of information and after-sales services, Sepahan Bonyan Dandan Company has formed a CRM unit with the aim of developing market research and providing services to dentists

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